innovate solar tracker provider

innovate solar tracker provider

Who We Are

Haosolar is a company focusing on solar trackers designing and manufacturing in China. It is one of the leading high-tech company accredited by Chinese government offers a comprehensive line of solar tracking systems including single and dual solar trackers. It offers qualified products through continues technology innovation and always values customer’s needs as the highest priority. The company current annual production output is around 500MW.

Haosolar designs and manufactures innovative solar tracking solutions. Haosolar designs, fabricates, manufactures and delivers solar trackers directly to our client, allowing our clients to have direct input into the value chain cycle. Also, this end-to-end process, allows Haosolar to control the quality and provides our clients with one single point of contact.

Accomplish- ment

  • 2008


  • 1.5GW


  • 39


  • 400



If You Choose Haosolar, You Can Get

———— Foundation Planning and Overall Site Map Design

  • Foundation Planning:

    Haosolar can provide extensive foundational plans. The foundation is based on a few factors including the soil type, wind load and landscape. Once we are able to access the site in person or obtain these information from clients, we can provide more details on the area.

  • Power Station Layout Design:

    Haosolar have professional electrical, mechanical and civil engineers available to build designs for the overall project including civil work, electrical installation, wiring along with providing site installation instruction. Haosolar can design the project according to the site map and the panels power, along with making reasonable distribution of the project.

  • HaoSolar Custom development:

    Each customer's project has its own particularity. HaoSolar can provide the owner with certain customized development according to the customer's needs and the actual situation on the site, making the tracking equipment design more reasonable and improving the customer's overall investment return rate.

  • Dedicated Project Manager:

    Haosolar will provide a dedicated site project manager to ensure the installation goes as planned along with commissioning the equipment. As part of this role, the PM will coordinate with civil companies, electrical installation companies and panels suppliers to ensure everyone is on target and integrating with the other teams.

  • Post Implementation On-Site Support:

    After the installation and implementation, Haosolar will conduct on site visits after the installation for the first year to ensure you are reaching your goals.Through repeated visits, we have continuously obtained valuable information and continuously improved the competitiveness of Haosolar's products.